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But he didn’t see the message for six months because it went to his Other Inbox.It took a Linked In request before he realized what he was missing. Rolling out globally starting today is Facebook’s replacement for the Other Inbox which it calls “Message Requests”.Facebook will no longer bet that having a friend in common means you care to talk to someone.Essentially, Message Requests are like Friend Requests for chat. Next you must pass data from the website into this hidden field. This will be a number like 555 ID2– ID of second hidden field and so on…Use the same method outlined above with a different type of field, such as Text Field.Today, Messenger is killing off the dysfunctional “Other Inbox”. And it wasn’t even accessible from Messenger’s i OS or Android apps.

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Instagram just rolled out a neat feature for its live product.

Users can now request to join a live stream that they’re watching and, if accepted, can start broadcasting live as the host’s guest.

Now Facebook is making that move, shuttling all Other Inbox messages into the Message Request feature’s hidden Filtered Requests folder.

Going forward, it hopes to help you intelligently parse non-friend messages in a way SMS never could.

His family just moves a lot, and they insist on changing their number to the local area code each time.

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