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Facebook will no longer bet that having a friend in common means you care to talk to someone.

Essentially, Message Requests are like Friend Requests for chat.

“We’ve heard so many stories like estranged parents trying to get back in touch, or you lost your wallet and someone trying to get in touch with you” Leach explains.

“That’s why we want to replace that with a system that makes it a lot easier to catch the messages that you want to see.” It will be good for Facebook’s business too. The more useful Messenger is, the deeper users get locked in to Facebook’s ecosystem where they’ll see News Feed ads and generate data that earns Facebook money.

Someone might want you to call them, but if you don’t have their random string of digits, you can’t.

And you could miss something extremely important if a person you’ve never met really needs to reach you. And it’s born from the ashes of one of the social network’s worst products ever.

Hidden Fields allow you to pass information from your web page to the chat request information area and into the chat request form itself. For example, in PHP the hidden field can look like: If a chat request is requested from website, the operator will see this hidden field of data in “Request information” You can also use this same method to pre-fill fields in the form that are visible to the visitor.Instagram had already let anyone streaming live invite a friend to join them, but by adding a request feature the possibilities for collaboration are greatly expanded. With the ability to see all pending requests, a host could pick a fan to join them live at random, or even selectively pick someone who just made an insightful comment in the chat.Of course, there’s the worry that someone says something inappropriate when they join, but that’s not necessarily any riskier than allowing random people to comment on your posts.If you already have a thread open with someone or you have their phone number, your messages will be allowed into their normal inbox.One change to look out for is that messages from friends-of-friends will now be treated as requests.To request to join a live video a viewer can tap a request button in the comments section.

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