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Exploiting these issues could allow an attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials, compromise the application, access or modify data, execute arbitrary local scripts, retrieve potentially sensitive information, or exploit latent vulnerabilities in the underlying database.

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Benefits of Joining Enable Becoming a member of Enable means that you will have the chance to be contacted by other disabled people.

I've also signed up for some boxing classes, so I'll learn a bit more.

I'll complete those this year, which will bring me up to thirteen languages total.

Crazy Travel Between a series of crazy flight deals, a great cruise, an obscene amount of frequent flyer miles, and a newfound interest in very rapid-fire trips, I went to a ton of places this year.

There are so many that I'm not really willing to sort through Trip It's terrible interface and count up all of the places I went.

It's a bittersweet decision to stop actively working on it, but it feels good to start this next year without that obligation.

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