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ST Courts •■; ::r ^i ' ""C t D~ Affidavit of Robert E. Manabu Fukuda, Interpreting Branch of the Language Services Division of the U S. K— Ksnko Sato's brief personal history •• ;v " L— interview of Mr Eisuke Sasagawa on his ^translation of jury hearing of Mr.

Letter to Senator rfatch, dated June 29," "l9M7're v the ^iidci of the unregistered churches Hill, Dr. irt1 in&rpreters Act, Public Law 35^539, 95th Congress. Heggestad, re to conversation with Jack Leeth, - Administrative Office of U. Ratchford, Member of Congress, 5th District, Connecticut... Member of Congress „ % Tx V I— Affidavit of Takeru Kamiyama **£ J— Michiko Kosaka, translator s notes and translations..

Legai/Legi slat ive /Regulatory Meter ials (090) MFC5/PC34 Plus Postage. Tribe, Harvard Law School; Ballf an attorney; Everett Sileven, Faith Baptist Church, Nebraska; Dr. It was signif Wit in the J8th century debates of State legislatures and the Continental Congress, where it had the indefatigable support of men such as Thomas Jef- ferson, George Mason and, of course, James^ Madison.* These debates culminated in 1789 in the passage by the Ffrst Congress of the first amendment in the Bill of Ri^its.

Caeof- Epps* Chief Clerk Rdseet E Fetolee, Minority Cfilef Counsel 9 ERLC % CONTENTS * * STATEMENTS Opfe OMMITTEE MEMBERS ' Hatch, Hon. Hill, pastor, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA; and John Bu- chanan, Jr., chairman of the board, People For The American Way, Wash* ington, DC.. On the one hand, there are those who suggest that for all our efforts the first amendment, in both its establishment and free exercise clauses, has been misinterpreted and misapplied.

Supplemental exhibit 4 — Declaration of Yukxko Matsumura * Supplementakexhibit 5— Affidavit ahl, clerks (Subcommittee on the 'Constitution); and Dick Bowman, counsel (Committee on the Judiciary). Ladies and gentlemen, this hearing will now come to order We are here in the capacity of the Senate Judiciary, Committee's Subcommittee on ti^e Constitution, Which I chaii\ to * conduct an oversight hearing on the state of religious liberty in America today, • This is a subject of monumental significance to our Republic.

6" Lilt of exhibit*— Continued Supplemental exhibit I— Declaration of John Kind* Supplemental exhibit 2— Declaration of Tomoko Tarii Supplemental exhibit'S— Declaration pf Kax^i Onuki .-. HATCH, A VS., SENATOR PROM THE STATE OF UTAH, CHAIRMAN, SUBCOMMITTEE ON ' THE CONSTITUTION v * • Senator Hatch.

* T Appendix B-The Report of the Governor's Christian School Issue -t P^iel |i Appendix C-Nebraska Civil Liberty Uniop ' Appendix D— United States Civil Right* Commission Report, dated . Appendix E— Enabling Act of Congress, 1864 * • LWt A-35! Court Interpret2rs Act ■ vr'r'T'i'^k ' C— Ai Tidavit of Robert E. re to conversation with Dina Kohn, v Dir#rtor of the U. District Court Interpt Stere Office m New York 47-2 P— Litter dated October 9, 1984 to Takeru Kamiyama from William K. Ratchford from William E- Foley, Dirlctor, Administrative Office of the VS. 477 H-Letter dated September 28, 1984 to Takeru Kamiyama from Ron Paul.

Surf Myung— Continued .-^ • Prepared statement # * Siieven, Faster. ^ Prepared itatement : 17 Appendix A— Nebraska Law Review, Freedom rf Religion.

The right of every man to be free from governmental coercion or inter- / ference in his personal relationship with his Creator is -fundamen-^ tal to our free and democratic wky of life. , ~~ v As historian Sanfotd Cobb has so accurately observed: Among all the benefits to mankind to which this soil has given rite, this pure reli- gious liberty may be justly rated as the?

Here we are putting men of cloth, as it were, behind bars right here in the 20th century. (Applause.) * Please, I would like really not to have any show of emotion during this hearing.

That does not mean I do not want you to act the way you feel but I just believe that the purpose of this hearing is to explore these matters and find out.

United States Senate, Ninety-Eighth C* -tress, Second Session on Oversight on the State of K gious Liberty in America Today. HATCH, Utah, Chairman STROM THURMOND, South Carolina DENNIS De CONONL Arizona CHARLg S E GRASSLEY. LEAKY, Vermont Stephen J Mae*man, Chief Counsel and Staff Director Randa U R- Radee, General Counsel , . Sun M:*mg, Unification 1 Church, as given through the translator, Col. for academic affairs, CBN University, Virginia Belch, VA; Edward V. Much lias been and is being written on the subject of religious liberty in America.

Appendices include additional submissions for the record from the Unification Church; a letter to Senator Hatch from Edward Ca'nf ield, with a list of exhibits; and additional statements from Richard Gravely, International Society for Krishna Consciousness; Dr. (IS) ************************************^***************** ***************** * Reproductions supplied by EDRS are the best that can be made * * * from the original document. SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY UNITED STATES SENATE NINETY-EIGHTH CONGRESS SECOND SESSION . LEAHY, Varment # MAX BAUCUS, Montana HOWELL HEFLIN, Alabama ARLEN SPECTER. » „ CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF WITNESSES %i ■ * Trite, Prof. Yoder that: Only those interests of the highest order and those not otherwise served can over- balance legitimate claims to the free exercise of religion.

James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Titus CBN University, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Edward v. Congress snail make no law respecting an establishment of religion 'or prohibiting the free exe/cise thereof * • • N (1) These words, clear as they may seem, have been the subject of significant, and sometimes heat&d, debate since their enactment almost two centuries ago. Board of Education that the establishment of religion clause-means at least that: Neither a state nor the Federal Government can set up a church.

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