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It remains to be seen how this corporate marriage will be greeted in Washington and if Disney and Fox will have to jettison any television or film holdings in order to appease the government. But there’s no successor in place, and the pressure will be on him to sign up for another tour of duty.

That may mean putting his (not so secret) presidential ambitions on the back burner. Fanboys and fangirls don’t seem to care about monopolistic niceties or the end of the era for the Murdoch gang.

They’re more interested in seeing Wolverine hanging out at Avengers HQ. After all, the Fox purchase does give Disney, and in particular Marvel, its comic book division, rights to several superheroes that it had licensed to Fox.

With the network’s sibling studio on its way to Disney, it’s hard to see how Fox can invest big bucks on high-end dramas and comedies.

In the short-term, however, 20th Century Fox and its units will operate autonomously, at least until the deal is completed.

Analysts have zeroed in on about .5 billion in potential streamlining and elimination of redundancies within a few years after the deal is completed.

Details of the plan and deal points are being closely guarded.

There are also many uncertainties about who will run the combined companies, how the government will react to the prospect of consolidation among Hollywood studios, and what it all means for the creative community.

Here’s a look at key questions that need to be addressed. Yes, they’ll have their own company to run, but will Rupert, Lachlan, and James be satisfied overseeing Fox News, the Fox broadcast network, and Fox Sports in such a pared-down form?

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