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Oshkosh reached the NBL's championship finals five times.

52.2% were of German and 6.3% Irish ancestry according to Census 2000.Around 1900 Oshkosh was home of the Oshkosh Brewing Company, which coined the marketing slogan "By Gosh It's Good." Its Chief Oshkosh became a nationally distributed beer.The Oshkosh All-Stars played in the National Basketball League from 1937-49 before the NBL and the Basketball Association of America merged to become the NBA.Eleven are houses, four are churches, and the remainder include schools, colleges, a bank, a fire house, an observatory, the county courthouse, and a cemetery where many of the entrepreneurs are buried. Oshkosh's airport, Wittman Field or Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH), opened in 1927 as Oshkosh Airport Inc.Oshkosh is located at Interstate 41 Northbound routes to Appleton and Green Bay. The airport had commercial traffic starting in 1928 when Northwest Airways delivered mail to Oshkosh and the Fox Cities.Today, Wittman Field is the home of the Air Venture Air Show and Expo (formerly the EAA up to 1998). By 1969, the EAA had grown too big for Rockford Municipal Airport, and the convention voted on moving to Oshkosh.

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