Adult dating site sls swing


Traditionally, swinging refers to heterosexual couples or straight men and bi-curious women, however, swinging is becoming more and more diverse.There are now swinging lifestyle and fetish dressing swingers, as well as gay and lesbian swingers.However we recommend going with the lifetime membership which is a one time payment of 9.00, a great deal if you plan on being a member for a long time.Technically speaking, this site is way behind the times, but the quality of the REAL couples online make up for it.It's the only one we have met and played with people from.We have belonged and payed by month to other sites and have met a lot of people that just want a comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere to talk about sex in.The site has plenty of good swinger’s resources such as listings of swinger's clubs, socials, parties, trips and a handy local “hot dates” calendar, where people post when they're available to hook up.Their membership upgrade prices are pretty resonable starting at .95.

My search for local members returned a good selection of matches.

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It is a very real looking, amateurly designed site but we think that's a good thing.

It certainly speaks to the authenticity of the site and its members.

We have tried various other sites and none compare to SLS as far as actually meeting other swingers. We no longer waste our time with others - especially AFF.

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