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Articles from this collection are on display in various state museums.A recent brochure titled, "Naper is NOT Just Another Little Town" includes a list of organizations that have helped the town progress and enabled its citizens to have many enjoyable and educational activities.They include extension clubs, Band Boosters, Lions Club, VFW and auxiliary, and White Horse Boosters.The town also has a volunteer fire department which operates an EMT rescue unit. Over the past thirteen decades people came, businesses were formed, schools were built, and lives were lived. Naper and George Hotaling, each relinquished 40 acres of their homesteads for a townsite.There are three churches in Naper which have services every Sunday.They are Catholic, Lutheran (Wisconsin Synod), and United Church of Christ (Congregational).

After his death in 1931, his wife donated his collection of over 300 items of Indian memorabilia to the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln.To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding, Ruth Thompson erected a building on Naper's Main Street in 1986.The world-wide horse registry of the International American Albino Association is kept in this building, as well as many mementos of the White Horse Ranch. Charles Zimmerman, a frontier physician, also operated a pharmacy with the assistance of his wife Molly.Our wine and painting parties include everything you need for girls' night out or date night.From the seasoned painter to the newbie, these painting classes have something for everyone!In 1988 a new frame post office was built on the corner where Blakkolb's store was located for many years, and the old building was razed. By then, towns without a railroad were at a real disadvantage, losing businesses and residents to those that could provide rail connections.

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