Advice dating bipolar women


That last sentence does not mean I have no sympathy for her. While bipolar disorder affects both men and women, how the disorder is experienced and treated in both genders varies greatly.The list continues with additional mania symptoms, such as excessive euphoria, extreme irritability and distractibility, decreased sleep requirement, uncharacteristically poor judgement, increased sexual drive, denial, and risky behavior.

The children also need protection from this woman and I hope and pray that she does not have custody and that the law has ended her escapades. This is especially true for conception and pregnancy, which affects both the course of the illness and the “treatment decisions that are made at various points in a woman’s life” (Leibenluft, 1997).A primary example of such a gender difference occurs with rapid cycling.People with socio pathic or anti social personalities use people as pawns and without the slightest bit of regret, sorrow or sense of wrong doing.They frequently have little sense of the destruction they do to others.Hypomania is described as a milder form of mania with less severe symptoms.

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