Ajax reorderlist not updating


What I want to do is call the update method manually from the itemorder event. I have event handlers for both the Updating, and Updated event.

When the Item Order does fire, it doesn't call the update method, unless i specify Reorder List1.update Item(Index). I have a databound control that has the datasource set dynamically. I have a button inside a row with the command name set to ' Update'.

Now, how do I update the sort order field manually? I cant seem to get the reorderlist to work with my objectdatasource.

The updating event fires, but the updated event does not fire.

All the animations and their properties are described in the Animation Reference.

I was able to get the Reorder List_Item Reorder event to fire. I know that when using the sql datasource, I would get all four events, Data Bound Control ' Updating, Updat...reorderlist with objectdatasource: update method...

animation plays when every partial postback completes).

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Hi all, I'm using ASA9 Developer Edition (version 1108) on W2k with the . I'm testing some update query on a Table created with the follow query: CREATE TABLE "DBA"."T1" ("id" integer NOT NULL , "name" varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT ' ' , PRIMARY KEY ("id"), ) Now if i retrieve data using the exact lower lowercase letters ("SELECT id,name FROM T1") and update data with the Update method of Asa Data Adapter object, all works fine. but if i retrieve data using different case lette...updates, updates, updates, NO MORE!So, I am forced to use a PC to which I would much rather use Firefox than Internet Exploder.However, as much I enjoy not using a Microsoft product, and use a product that works decently, I am severely annoyed about the constant updates I am put through.So far this week - new kernel (, 2 new browsers (Opera 9.63 and Firefox 3.05) and a new plugin (Flash I find this annoying because, typically, when I open a web browser all I want to do is go to a web page. I can agree that staying current with the latest version could give the best, fastest, safest web experience.But that point becomes mute when I start off every other browsing session with a new update.Any ideas would be greatly ...updating numeric(18,2) from formview/sqldatasource method? _ Public Shared Function Get Mail Piece Groups By Ad Fund Type Id _ (By Val ad Fund Type Id As Integer) As String ' More code in here End Sub $.. Thunderbird 24.3.0 Windows 7 I don't want my work interrupted with a big fat window telling me that there is a new update for Thunderbird (this time telling me it's a stability update to the program). Periodically I will see if there are updates to the programs that I use: Windows, Flash, Office (and Outlook when I used it), etc.

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