Ajax reorderlist not updating

Any ideas would be greatly ...updating numeric(18,2) from formview/sqldatasource method? _ Public Shared Function Get Mail Piece Groups By Ad Fund Type Id _ (By Val ad Fund Type Id As Integer) As String ' More code in here End Sub $.. Thunderbird 24.3.0 Windows 7 I don't want my work interrupted with a big fat window telling me that there is a new update for Thunderbird (this time telling me it's a stability update to the program). Periodically I will see if there are updates to the programs that I use: Windows, Flash, Office (and Outlook when I used it), etc. I have a column that is numeric(18,2) in sql type should I use in my sqldatasource parameter in asp.net? Every program that has an auto-updater has it disabled, including Thunderbird's.

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Unfortunately, my app requires that the user click a single button to update edits being made to multiple Object Data Sources, so I want to be able to invoke the update during postb... It clears out the row values and does not change the buttons back to Edit/Delete.Hi, this question relates to a control in the Ajax toolkit for 2.I'm having a problem using a databound dropdownlist inside a reorderlist ajax control. What I want to do is call the update method manually from the itemorder event. I have event handlers for both the Updating, and Updated event. When the Item Order does fire, it doesn't call the update method, unless i specify Reorder List1.update Item(Index). I have a databound control that has the datasource set dynamically. I have a button inside a row with the command name set to ' Update'.So far this week - new kernel (, 2 new browsers (Opera 9.63 and Firefox 3.05) and a new plugin (Flash I find this annoying because, typically, when I open a web browser all I want to do is go to a web page. I can agree that staying current with the latest version could give the best, fastest, safest web experience.

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