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Welp, let’s brake down and answer the question: Why did Drake & Josh work?Premise and Execution: The premise of this show is rather simple, as per usual with sitcoms.

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Not only are they a hilarious comedic duo, but their relationship is the driving force behind this show.Drake Parker’s Mom, Audrey, marries Josh Nichols’ Dad, Walter, and the two of them have to learn to get along despite their differences.Given that this is a sitcom, the plots are kept simple and easy to follow as well as budget friendly.In the same season, Little Sibling is the weakest of the show because they make Josh to be better than Drake when they’re supposed to be a duo. Finally, while this wasn’t the fault of the show, it was just stupid stupid to have the series finale, Really Big Shrimp, air before two Helicopter and Dance Contest.Yeah they were good episodes, but Really Big Shrimp was meant to be the ending of the show (before Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh of course).The song Drake sings in tge season 1 episode, Believe Me Brother, is not good.

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