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All he wants to do is to find his missing father and to discover his inner ninja. A fatal mistake catapults Barry into the adventure of a lifetime.With talking hedges, samurai ghosts, meddling psychotherapists, and an inexplicably non-linear time pattern conspiring against him, Barry must do battle to save his hide, unleash the ninja within, and rescue his father from an ancient army, a dark sorcerer and a raging inferno.» Publisher information: Adam's Reign is the first book in a brand new series called The Hidden Kingdom, and it is written to be a blessing to people of every age, a story crafted out of the desire to see truth in fiction, to help people everywhere to discover their place in the Great Story of life.Gritty, steamy, and rife with secrecy, Outcast is the first book in a new upper YA/NA crossover series for fans of Gayle Forman and Rainbow Rowell.» Publisher information: Welcome to my Library Thing giveaway. I'm giving away 100 copies in either PDF, mobi or epub formats.The recipient is asked to provide a review on Amazon in exchange for this book. For any questions, you can contact me at [email protected]: AN ENCHANTING MIDDLE-GRADE FANTASY AWAITS YOU... That was the question on everyone’s lips when Clemmie woke with amnesia at Chalk House, an enchanting home for dead children.Please consider adding this book to your Librarything bookshelf, as this enables more giveaways in the future.This giveaway is for the first book in a brand new upper YA series.In the pages of this book, much like life, you will find truth amidst fabrication, silver covered in dross.

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Do you have no idea on how to order a meal or book a room at a hotel?

When giants and dinosaurs roam the earth and all the world is clothed in perpetual springtime, man lives for hundreds of years, forever growing either in righteousness or in evil.

In these days, there are few who remember where they have come from, few who keep hold of the one true God who wrought the world.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

: PDF sent by author (EPUB available upon request).

Thank you for your time, I hope you will join me on the journey into the hidden kingdom!

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