Allison baver dating who is dating nicolette sheridan

Patti is worried he's too much of a player to settle down. Series 8, Episode 7 CC 14 SD HD Caroline Manzo from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" helps Patti set up her youngest son, Chris.

Patti has tried to help Chris in the past, but six years later is he still too much of a mama's boy to find love? Now that he wants to settle down, will this self-admitted "surfer dude" put in the actual work it takes to romance a girlfriend?

Can Patti give Marysol the confidence she needs to pick the right guy?

World famous mixed martial artist Luke Rockhold is handsome, built, and travels the world as a competitive fighter.

Patti clears her schedule for Romeo and coaches him through two master dates with different women.

Series 8, Episode 12 CC 14 HD SD Former Atlanta Housewife Shereè Whitfield is beautiful, but isn't known for being soft and cuddly.

Patti learns that this gorgeous 40-something is still single because she is unable to leave her exes in the past.

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Dating mentor Kristin Cavallari teaches Ally to know her self-worth.

Can Patti help "Canine Kovacs" undo the damage and find him the girl of his dreams?

Stylist and hairdresser AJ Johnson of "Chicagolicious” had his own salon and product line in Chicago, but now he's moved to Los Angeles to grow his brand.

Series 8, Episode 8 CC 14 HD SD Olympic speed skater Allison Baver returns to Patti after two years, this time with her new boyfriend.

Of course, Patti can't help but give them a relationship tune-up... Celebrity chef and bestselling cookbook author Devin Alexander is 43 and adorable, but she still hasn't met the one.

His quirky, funny rocker mannerisms aren't finding him the beautiful girl next door to settle down with.

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