Alysha clark dating


So my sophomore year is when I started getting serious about it. SLAM: How did that affect your college recruitment? But there were some schools—because it was my junior year, so it was still far out. SLAM: Was it difficult to find your role once you made it to the WNBA?

So for me, once I found out my work ethic is why I got here, my IQ is why I got here. SLAM: Who helped keep up your confidence during those difficult times?

“Once she showed the confidence that she had in me, I was like, If she can believe in me, and this is one of the best players ever in the history of the game, then why can’t I believe in myself? Relying on the work ethic and IQ that defined her as a player, Clark was able to remake her career as a highly efficient shooter and lock-down defender.

And in a way, her role has come full circle, as she’s now one of the leaders in the Storm locker room, guiding Seattle’s young and talented roster to a potential 2016 playoff birth.

AC: Oh man, my rookie year in Seattle, I was on a team with probably the most amazing veterans you could ever put on one team with Tanisha Wright, Tina Thompson, Katie Smith.

That was the year with Lauren [Jackson] and Sue [Bird] being there.

So for me, it was hard transition tough because at times, I felt like I didn’t belong, or I wasn’t good enough. You’ll hear players go, “Role players are important.” And I was that person in college, like, “Your role is important.

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