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– The usual distance between two people should be two feet.

French Canadians, however, tend to stand slightly closer.

– Note - if you decide to offer flowers, be careful not to choose white lilies, as they are associated with funerals.

Avoid red roses as well; they are dedicated for more romantic settings.

If you are thinking of doing business in Canada, do not mention your expectations for success based on your experience in the United States - Canadian business people will not appreciate the comparison.

Be careful not to bring lilies as a present as they are associated with death.

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Do not initiate a discussion on comparing Canada with the US. – Eye-contact is important during business meetings in Canada.

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They are usually unwrapped immediately and shown to everyone.

The best choice is a present from your home country or an invitation to a meal/other form of entertainment.

Likewise, business structures are different, so make sure to do your homework on the contact organisation and the region before visiting.

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