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Dennis Fortenberry, a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine, who wrote the paper on condom use in the , speculates that it’s because the kids grew up in an era when HIV, STDs and sex have been part of an intense public debate.“Condoms have been very much part of that dialogue, even when there has been controversy about how to teach about condoms in schools,” he says.

Iran’s moderate President Hassan Rouhani criticized the arrests earlier this month, saying hard-liners are “exaggerating the issue” and misusing Khamenei’s warnings as an excuse for the detentions.TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s top leader said Wednesday the United States is using “money and sexual attractions” to try to infiltrate the Islamic Republic and warned Iranians not to fall into the “enemy’s trap.” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Revolutionary Guard commanders that authorities should take concerns about “infiltration” seriously and political factions should not use the issue against each other.“The enemy sets up a network within a nation and inside a country mainly through the two means of money and sexual attractions to change ideals, beliefs and consequently the lifestyle,” he said in comments posted on his website and broadcast on state TV.And the last time they did, the majority of them used condoms.Boomers, on the other hand, thanks to better health and Bob Dole, are having sex well into old age.“We’re so far past the condom or not condom debate,” said Bever.

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