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“We’re so far past the condom or not condom debate,” said Bever.

“It’s like, are you going to send my kid home with lubrication?

And the last time they did, the majority of them used condoms.

Boomers, on the other hand, thanks to better health and Bob Dole, are having sex well into old age.

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“But until we’re at 100%, we still have our work to do.” How did this happen, even in an age of abstinence-only education?The recent arrests of pro-Western writers, journalists and filmmakers are widely seen as part of a backlash by hard-liners in the wake of the landmark nuclear agreement reached with the US and five other world powers last summer.Hard-liners fear the deal could lead to a broader rapprochement between Tehran and Washington that would undermine and ultimately end the Islamic Republic.Some of its findings are not that surprising — men think their female partners have orgasms more often they actually do, older people have friends-with-benefits too — but it offers a picture of teens’ sexual behavior that diverges from the stereotype.Among the 17-year-olds surveyed, 40% of males and 31% of females said they have had sexual intercourse.Khamenei, who has the final say on all matters of state, said that “if some are making factional use of this (infiltration), it’s a mistake.

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