An error occurred while updating the firmware 6722

have also posted this in the airport extreme forum.

with a 2009 1 GB time capsule running airport utility 6.1 on mountain lion : should i activate the 5GHz option under wireless settings in airport utility?

why are there only a few countries in the drop down selection list?

Documentation: Runs the given command in the system and returns the RC and output.

LOCAL\Administrator] DISKLIB-DSCPTR: Descriptor Open Int: failed to open '/vmfs/volumes/vsan:52b432a675d2bf59-7168e072a499aad9/f091ee58-4636-1023-3906-000af7994a5c/VIC/42076c04-92d3-3439-4084-aab1b55f590c/images/d7f9d170aa714bf287eb994aada10a57f4fb1bf8fd748cbfa36a7ab9549190c1/d7f9d170aa714bf287eb994aada10a57f4fb1bf8fd748cbfa36a7ab9549190c1.vmdk': Could not find the file (60002) 2017-04-12T.303Z info hostd[FBC3B70] [[email protected] sub=Disk Lib op ID=c6863 user=vpxuser: VSPHERE.

would my 2009 time capsule be capable of dual band transmission, not just the 5GHz ... the present name will give most non-apple (and even some idevices issues). the wife and some visiting guests run android phones and MS laptops. Apostrophe in particular is not legal character in the windows world.. your TC is USA release one, and can only be set to your region.. what would run faster because of this 5GHZ option .. i've not managed to figure these questions out by googling, so hoping someone weighs in here. A1302 then yes it can do both bands simultaneously.. same applies to 2.4ghz btw which the iphone and probably android phones will use. Spec was Apr 10 2017 .215Z DEBUG [ END ] [] [538.605634ms] 735110e21d746859f0b0edd84e8ed20d3fb4a7d1ab819a308caaad6bdab17d45 Apr 10 2017 .215Z ERROR Commit Handler error on handle(bc1da1f46bd17b5345d28bef7cec3f10) for 735110e21d746859f0b0edd84e8ed20d3fb4a7d1ab819a308caaad6bdab17d45: task.LOCAL\Administrator] DISKLIB-CHAIN : "/vmfs/volumes/vsan:52b432a675d2bf59-7168e072a499aad9/f091ee58-4636-1023-3906-000af7994a5c/VIC/42076c04-92d3-3439-4084-aab1b55f590c/images/d7f9d170aa714bf287eb994aada10a57f4fb1bf8fd748cbfa36a7ab9549190c1/d7f9d170aa714bf287eb994aada10a57f4fb1bf8fd748cbfa36a7ab9549190c1.vmdk" : failed to open (The system cannot find the file specified).

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