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So, that in mind — if you, like me, are still mourning the series finale of Fox's terrific sci-fi series Fringe , take comfort in the fact that its cast and crew are up to great things, even if those great things are not Fringe. When Fringe aired its pilot in the fall of 2008, Anna Torv was just an unknown Australian actress; Joshua Jackson was trying hard to shed his image as Dawson Creek's Pacey; John Noble was Boromir's crazy dad in The Lord Of The Rings.Little did we all suspect on that fateful September day that these three actors — and the rest of the show's terrific cast — would go on to craft some of the most complex and memorable characters in sci-fi history.They got married in December 2008 Edit Anna Torv is one of the famous Australian actresses and she is mainly popular for portraying the role of Olivia Dunham on the Fox television series Fringe.For this role, she has also won Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films of USA.

Soon after, she received her performing arts degree she began her acting career and she played her first acting role in 2002 movie, White Collar Blue.

Sadly, HBO passed on Open , and announced last fall that the pilot wouldn't be proceeding to series.

This year, Torv stars with Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, and John Noble's LOTR cast mate Miranda Otto in an Australian film called The Daughter , an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

Mark Valley is also an actor and he is from Untied States.

They got married in December 2008 but they remained loving spouse only for about a year as they got divorced in 2009.

She gained worldwide recognizance after she appeared in the television series, Fringe since 2008.

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