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This phrase basically means that someone is in trouble.

You might use it when talking about an exam the next day that you haven’t studied for, as in, “¡Estoy al horno!

,” or when someone tells you they’ve just been caught doing something they shouldn’t (You could reply, “).

The addition of the chips implies that the situation is worse.

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These phrases also help you connect with and understand local culture.

So let’s get going with the top ten phrases that will help you sound just like the locals.

Note that these phrases are most often used within the capital of Buenos Aires; elsewhere in the country you may or may not get some funny looks. Literal translation: to be in the oven (with chips).

Don’t use this phrase to talk about minor problems, such as temporarily losing your keys or missing the local bus. Having bad milk is different from being bad milk, so it’s important to know the difference between the two. You could use the phrase to describe a particularly unlucky person (tiene mala leche) or a situation in which someone is unlucky. Ser mala leche, on the other hand, is used to describe someone mean.

It’s also possible to leave out the verb altogether and just say ¡Qué mala leche! A person who is mala leche doesn’t want other people to succeed.

It’s also not the sort of thing you’d likely to say to someone’s face. Better translated to “to pick someone up,” this is just one of many Argentine phrases related to dating.

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