Aria daquisto dating

It was the closest I would ever get to owning a James D'Aquisto guitar.The others this series were the first two D’Aquisto models.

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Aria guitars currently holds the license and produces their high-end Jazz line under this name.

This example is in excellent condition, with just a little smudging on the back finish.

The Elite had one humbucking pickup located near the bottom of the neck with top mounted volume and tone controls. This was a signature of many of D’Aquisto’s creations. The D’Aquisto Ultra featured a single floating humbucker that was attached to the pickguard. The gold plated hardware included a Schaller humbucking pickup on the Ultra. D’Aquisto’s signature was inlaid in mother of pearl. The D’Aquisto Deluxe had a single neck pickup with top mounted volume and tone controls, once again with ebony knobs and pickguard.

The control knobs were made out of ebony as was the pickguard. The volume and tone controls were mounted on the pickguard. The D’Aquisto Fender guitars are very collectible, especially the Elite and the Ultra and fetch high prices.

They are still far less expensive than a handmade D’Aquisto.

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