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I'm not someone who has unrealistic or high expectations of performance. It doesn't last very long on the skin, so I always BATHE myself in this, and my clothes and my scarf. When I put my scarf back on after a day I am pleasantly surprised by the smell. Longevity could be better but it could be worse too. It's extremely sweet and on first spray i get the grapefruit and marshmellow mixed together.Once dried down the fruit side to it has disappeared and it smells just like candy floss.In terms of any fruit notes, I couldn't detect any as this is, first and foremost, a sugar-dominated scent.I also thought the bottle was pretty thanks to its color and faceted design.Sweet scents aren't exactly my proverbial cup of tea, but I'm always willing to give them a chance.However, as much as I wanted to at least like this perfume, it simply didn't work for me.

And that’s :) Any of you that have read any of my previous reviews knows I'm not someone who complains much about performance. On a positive note, it is delicious and delectably gourmand. In the opening I get fruit fruit fruit and then it settles down in a sweet (not screeching), but soft way. For me it's unique from the other sweet fruity girly perfumes. I wear this to work when I want to smell girly and inoffensive. Sweet like candy and moonlight sounded more up my alley and ended up disappointing me, so I didn't think this one could be any better, but boy was I wrong! Marshmallow with a hint of raspberry, it's so fluffy, smooth and natural smelling, I can smell marshmallow most clearly in this one and it has no sharp fruity shampoo vibe other ones have.

Ari opens with sweet citrus, watery pear and a brief burst of jammy raspberry.

We then quickly move on to a jumble of quiet powdered underdeveloped floral notes that could really be anything, and musk-infused sugary vanilla (I guess this is marshmallow).

The mix is very linear on me as the sugary vanilla is by far the strongest scent note, and it develops quickly & blends everything else too closely together for me to differentiate between very well.

The sillage and longevity are so-so; nothing great at a wear time of somewhere between 5 to 6 hours and a sillage that leaves the fragrance close to the skin very quickly, but there are plenty of worse offenders out there.

I don't get much more than rich raspberry, marshmallow, and soft musk for the duration of the frag, but it doesn't really market itself as anything super crazy anyway. This doesn't have the same drawing sensual feeling to it that Sweet Like Candy Has.

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