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Obviously there's supposed to be something there, because a whole nation is swooning over the manga based on their "romance", but I just don't see the connection.

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He also goes to an amusement park, urged on by the ever-present Juta, in order to spur his lagging romance with Ryo. However, this volume shifts attention in the middle from Asuka’s nowhere relationship with Ryo to the supposed fifth wheel in their triumvirate: the sassy, flirtatious Juta. When Ryo is actually allowed to do something, she can be pretty interesting, but the manga is so much more about Asuka that she's really on the outskirts.So this is the third book of the series Otomen by Aya Kanno.Too bad all the rides Ryo wants to go on frighten Asuka! Bless your perfectly starched and frilly apron strings. Oh Otomen, I know you're not technically *good* but you're such bad candy.) The real focus seems to be the relationship between Juta and Asuka.

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