Auto updating rss feed


We generate a unique URL for each feed you've created. It can also be provided to one of many RSS readers or any other RSS-related service.

Once you've created your RSS feed it starts updating automatically.

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We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account I have the latest rutorrent beta package from synocommunity on Synology DS212j NAS.

I have to manually update the feed and that works fine. I have tried chmod -R 777 on the entire / RSS#Autostart_rss Indeed, seems like additional configurations is required.

I agree this should be working by default or available for enabling in setup wizard.

RSS#Autostart_rss Indeed, seems like additional configurations is required.

bookmarks&passkey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And I tried: bookmarks&passkey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:: COOKIE:uid=my UN;pass=mypassword; And I use this in the .rtorrent.rc: execute = Both makes no difference at all unfortunately.Also, it seems that Outlook’s send/receive process is getting slower because of the amount of RSS feeds that I have.As my mail is my main priority, is there a way to configure Outlook in such a way that it will only download RSS feeds when I want to?Often you can achieve the same affect faster by dragging the icon of a feed (usually an orange button with a 'radar' icon) into your feed reader. Sign up for a free Git Hub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.I have working feeds that I can add torrents from manually and all filters are working.

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