Automatic updating cross references


A slightly more complicated task is cross-referencing numbered paragraphs.

First off we're going to assume that you're correctly using Word's paragraph numbering capability.

When I am adding or deleting some paragraphs above, the number of linked para changes.

But the number displayed in place of cross-reference inserted remains unchanged...

All of the cross-references will immediately update and you're good to go.

I am creating a cross-reference to a numbered list item (paragraph number).

The issue is that each footnote has tons of sources and I want it to update according to a specific part of a previous footnote and move with that text.

To do that click on the text you want to reference and create a bookmark (Insert Cross-Reference, select "Bookmark" as the reference type and "Page number" under "Insert reference to".[closed] Grammar checker for German [closed] is it possible to search for text of a specific color?[closed] When I create a comment, the words "unknown author" appears in the comment box.Cross-references can appear anywhere within the document and often take the form of: (See Table A).A cross-reference created in Word can be automatically updated if you later make changes to the document.Now if that bookmark moves to another page as you edit the document and it repaginates, you can easily update that reference without having to manually check it.

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