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The bug presents itself if you set the internal date back to 1 January 1970 in the i Phone's Date & Time settings. While it appears this unfortunate glitch may have been discoverable for some time, awareness of the bug and the problems it causes has only recently blown up on the Internet after a deliberately misleading image started circulating on web sites and social media.And it's not a cute trick that you should try for yourself – winding the clock back that far and rebooting the device is said to render the device completely unusable. The image, seen below, which reportedly first appeared on 4chan, emulates the appearance of Apple's promotional material and urges people to change the date on their devices and then reboot, promising a "wild ride" for those who are game.

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The most likely explanation is that Dropbox may have shut down unexpectedly.

Hi Everyone, my inbox has suddenly gone from newest first, i.e.

at the bottom of the list of the inbox to alphabetical order which is a real pain to have to scroll up and down to find new e.mails.

The implication is they'll discover a hidden Easter Egg in the form of a retro '70s-style Apple logo from the company's past. What does happen is your expensive i Phone becomes an expensive non-phone.

According to reports, the rebooted device will be inoperable and cannot be restored via i Tunes backups, and even 'Genius' staff at Apple Stores are unable to fix the problem, meaning you could have to get an entirely new phone.

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