Ballbusting webcam show video


(She gets requests all the time from potential slaves begging to serve her in any way that she may want to use them.) After an introduction, she turns her computer so her fans can watch LIVE online while she uses this slave's balls as a "target practice" and kicks its balls in as hard as she wants for her fans' entertainment.And of course her boyfriend is right there to watch and encourage her as well while he lays in bed and laughs after each kick. Randi decides that the more the fans tip her online, the harder she will kick her slave in the nuts for them!These are some of the hardest kicks Goddess Randi has ever delivered to a slave's nuts. This slave was basically put "out of commission" when Goddess was done kicking its balls in because it was leaking the "red stuff" out of the tip of its dick from internal bleeeding she had caused it.She LOVED the fact that she makes $$$ from this while the slave has to stand their and TAKE it- and all he gets is all the pain! (Although she obviously didn't care- she just laughed at it, threw it in its cage, and climbed into bed to fuck her boyfriend...) Just a little Pre Halloween fun with the Slave, " Teaching" the girls how to properly Ballbust a slave.

Goddess Randi is doing a Femdom webcam show for her fans o make $$$ for her and her boyfriend using a live slave that she just got off the internet.

They abuse his already swollen ball sack in the most terrible way, by grabbing, squeezing and beating, that the balls are bouncing in the sack like crazy. Then he get finished off by more brutal kicks in his swollen and aching balls!

Cameron Dee makes her first Fetlovin' appearance by placing a pair of testicles under severe stress while milking a hard cock to see if balls under extreme pressure n weight will cause them to cough up a big load of cum!

Pain is the route to pleasure for some men and when it comes in the form of ballbusting it is particularly brutal.

Most often delivered by a woman, this punishment includes the kicking, slapping, bunching, and beating of the testicles.

And on top of that she sits on the chair and looks the other way, like the slave isn't there.

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