Ballbusting webcam show video 12 dating 16

This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn't have to do their own writeups.

This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.

And on top of that she sits on the chair and looks the other way, like the slave isn't there.

She lights a cigarette and starts to slowly inhale the spicy aroma, she only looks at him, when the ash wants to fall from the end of her cigarette, then he has to eat it immediately.

It even comes out of the cock head piercing holes!!! The Guy From Italy, Andrea Dirpre, released from the hospital after his balls were destroyed during the Ball Busting Party Insanity.

The doctors told Andrea that they`re not sure what he is doing to his balls, but if his balls take any more abuse he could lose them for good.

Pain is the route to pleasure for some men and when it comes in the form of ballbusting it is particularly brutal.

Most often delivered by a woman, this punishment includes the kicking, slapping, bunching, and beating of the testicles.

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Goddess Randi is doing a Femdom webcam show for her fans o make $$$ for her and her boyfriend using a live slave that she just got off the internet.

(She gets requests all the time from potential slaves begging to serve her in any way that she may want to use them.) After an introduction, she turns her computer so her fans can watch LIVE online while she uses this slave's balls as a "target practice" and kicks its balls in as hard as she wants for her fans' entertainment.

And of course her boyfriend is right there to watch and encourage her as well while he lays in bed and laughs after each kick. Randi decides that the more the fans tip her online, the harder she will kick her slave in the nuts for them!

Feet and hands are the most common implements of pain, but objects can be used as well for a more forceful delivery.

2 girls decided to try the remote ballbusting, I asked for a little mercy but they chose to pin me on the wall on each hit, so all hits are full force, it seem fun for them...

The girls (Scarlett, Eden, Jenna n Jenna's friend Raven), told him to drop his underwear. Black and blue and three times the size they were when they 1st met him. The girls laugh at him and put him up against the wall. NO" Jordan and Lexi take turns slapping the slaves cock and balls, the harder his cock gets the harder they slap!

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