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However, to protect the guilty, I promise to not use your real name, or give it out. In this article, we covered my definitions of the Reality Factor and The Bottom Line Factor, which support my approach to successful relationships.

All questions will be answered, but only the ones of general interest printed. In next week's article, I will cover the three factors that make or break a successful long-term romantic relationship.

Does it bother you that your wife is meeting too many perverts in chat rooms on the Internet?

" or: "Could I be repeating mistakes from woman to woman that I am not aware of?

Bill Gates doesn't "wing it" when deciding which software market to enter - he has a business plan. The first concept that I will define is what I call The Reality Factor. If you go against reality, reality works against you, resulting in pain." For example, let's say that you decided one day that there is no Gravity, so you jump off the Empire State Building.

If you want to be successful in your long-term romantic relationship, you can't leave them up to chance, or to astrology, or to the other love doctors who all come from a female perspective " you need a plan to help you keep Miss Right mesmerized. While in the air, you can believe what you want, but when you hit the pavement, you will realize that you went against reality, resulting in extreme bodily pain.

Is your overgrown baby on his third divorce and hasn't a clue?

Do half of your grandkids live in another state with bikers, drinking Coors instead of milk? One, they don't ask for directions when lost; and two, more importantly, they think that all women are illogical and inconsistent.

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