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The site is currently run on an invite-only basis, but you can request an invitation easily by clicking here.The site is brilliant -- a nice and easy-to-navigate blend of two of my favorite websites -- You Tube and But perhaps the best part of the whole Soundcloud experience is the dialogue.Users can not only comment on tracks, but also pin their feedback to specific points in the song, making track responses effortless to follow. Grooveshark When explaining Grooveshark to someone unfamiliar to the site, I always describe it in the same way: similar to i Tunes in the sense that you can create playlists and save songs to your own library, but instead of having access only to the songs you've downloaded, you have every song which has been uploaded to the site at your fingertips.A few months back, one of my favorite sources of raunchy, honest commentary -- a Twitter handle by the name of @Not Gary Busey -- ousted My Space as "The PT Cruiser of the internet." Like most funny and offensive jabs, the humor here is planted firmly in truth.The website, which was once a haven for budding musicians and music streaming, has since been surpassed by other more innovative and user-friendly platforms.On this site, "the web is your player" and "bloggers are your DJ's," allowing users to browse tunes featured on thousands of music blogs by clicking on their genre of choice.The blog-based form of internet radio hosts channels ranging from folk and indie rock to electronic and dubstep, taking you from blog to blog for each new track.

If you like what you're listening to, you can favorite, share, comment or even download the track to your personal i Tunes library.

My one complaint was that smaller venues didn't seem to get much love, and in big cities (or in cities where big bands sometimes play small venues), I felt like the site was skipping over a lot of worthwhile performances just because they were not hosted in an arena or selling tickets through Ticketmaster.

Enter Songkick, a concert aggregator that doesn't skimp out on the little guys.

The party-friendly capabilities of this site are a main draw since you can browse songs and add them to a queue without interrupting the song in play.

Why have a designated DJ when you can trade off picking songs?

Since Tubeify is run by's API rather than You Tube's, the site performs with more music-friendly methods in mind.

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