Best dating sites for music lovers


The site is currently run on an invite-only basis, but you can request an invitation easily by clicking here.

The Sixty One is sleek and not overly complicated or jumbled with ads -- a great way to hear new music without all the internet overkill. Songkick In the past, I've always turned to Pollstar as my go-to concert aggregator.

On this site, "the web is your player" and "bloggers are your DJ's," allowing users to browse tunes featured on thousands of music blogs by clicking on their genre of choice.

The blog-based form of internet radio hosts channels ranging from folk and indie rock to electronic and dubstep, taking you from blog to blog for each new track.

Bloggers looking to get their selections out in the open can also add their own blog to the collection, and readers looking for some new material for their RSS feeds can browse a collection spanning the entirety of the net. Tastebuds Have you ever been on a second date with someone who told you on the first date that Creed was their favorite band? For anyone who ranks music taste as the most important deciding factor in a mate, Tastebuds provides a way to reveal a potential deal-breaker even before the first date.

The concept is simple -- choose your favorite music and let the website pair you to those with similar tastes... The site is also great if you're looking to talk music with those interested in similar styles. Stereomood There are a couple things I don't love about this website, primarily the unfortunate repeat of songs over multiple playlists, but the concept alone is worth mentioning.

The party-friendly capabilities of this site are a main draw since you can browse songs and add them to a queue without interrupting the song in play.

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