Best dating spots in dallas


Again, not your best bet for picking up girls, but still a fun and welcoming place.Sadly, I found almost nothing lesbian in this museum dedicated to “making visible the unique, textured and diverse stories of American women.” Even so, it’s a fun, informative collection of multimedia exhibits that merit a few hour visit.The only vegetarian restaurant I found in this city of 1.2 million, barbecue sauce-guzzling NRA card-carrying residents, the Cosmic Café looks like it was imported from an upstate New York mountain town where people still aren’t sure what decade it is.The décor—Buddhist prayer flags, plywood jungle animals and brightly colored, Eastern themed everything—is just how I think beef-eating Texan cowboys must imagine hippie-dippy San Franciscans.

For A Casual Night This is for the Friday nights after one of those workweeks–the ones that push you to the ground and drag you for a couple miles.

Girls’ nights out: Every woman needs one intermittently, but not every woman realizes it.

I know my boyfriend loves when I have a girls’ nights.

The girls get some quality bonding time—whether that includes dancing, good food, or a quiet lounge for catching up—and the guys can relax sans wife or girlfriend, or head out for a night with their own circle. There are never enough hours in the week to hang out with our closest girlfriends as much as we’d like.

So nix the time it takes to plan to put an evening together, and follow one of our suggestions instead. Snag a reservation at Uchi Dallas for some of the best in sushi and sake the city has to offer.

For A Fancy Night Is there anything better than getting dolled up to the max with your nearest and dearest to eat and drink like celebrities for an evening? Follow up dinner with lavish cocktails intricately crafted by mixologists at The Woolworth downtown.

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