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Information : Page Speed is the speed at which your site responds to commands input.It is more important and beneficial for your site to have this at a lower value.I can also say that for many black men with whom I speak (yes, good ones), the idea of a woman looking at them with a list reminds them of slave auctions where the master would look at the slave’s teeth and bone structure to decide if he would be good to work in the field.Your partner was not put on this earth to serve you; he was put on this earth to love you, but only if you prove yourself capable of accepting true love.In fact, he might realize that rather than walking into the situation barking his demands, he might actually want to find out what women are looking for in men with whom they spend their “quality time.” The point is that quite a few people keep dating lists of things they are looking for, but spend no time thinking about what they can offer and whether the thing they offer are actually valuable to the other party. Are you a person who seeks to give or someone who simply complains about what you’re not receiving?After shaking our heads in curiosity about this list, my father and I next noticed what was NOT on the list: internal attributes such as character and integrity…things that actually make a man into a decent human being.Imagine if men were to say, “There are no good black women to have sex with,” and then produced a list describing the woman that they’d like to sleep with: 1) She must be drop dead gorgeous 2) She can’t weigh more than 130 pounds 3) She has to have outstanding skills in the bedroom 4) She has to give her man sex whenever he requests it, no questions asked 5) She must offer regular sex without requiring too much time, money, attention or affection If a man spent his entire life looking for a woman to match his list before choosing someone to have sex with, he’d be waiting his entire life (or have to date a prostitute).

If there are no takers, then he might have to wonder why no women are willing to have sex with him. Yes, yes, yes, you have perfect credit and stay in great shape. Are you going to stand by your partner through good and bad times?

The study uses the following criteria to determine if a black man is worthy of having a mate: 1) He is heterosexual 2) Is interested in black women 3) Has a high school diploma 4) Earns over ,000 per year 5) Is not obese 6) Does not have kids with another woman According to the “study,” it was determined that there are only three black men who fit this list for every 100 black women in America.

Clearly, I found the list to be offensive for personal reasons.

I hate saying this, but most men I know don’t spend each night dreaming about the day that they are going to locked into a lifelong relationship.

Ultimately, it is a man’s values and character that lead him to make the right choices when it comes to his marriage and family, and almost nothing else.

First, we should all be concerned when anyone goes looking for love with a list in hand.

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