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In ancient Ur, circa 2000 BCE, a slave would cost 10-15 pieces of silver (shekels).

During the reign of the Hammurabi dynasty, the price increased slightly, to about 20 pieces of silver.

Biblical "author(s)" not aware of these obscure ancient names could never have used them.[4] 3.

The Torah tells us that Joseph was the overseer of Potiphar's estate.

This has lead many, such as Egyptologist Donald Redford of Pennsylvania State University to disparagingly claim, "The Hebrew writer (of the Bible) was not so well acquainted with Egypt as has often been imagined." [2] For us, the lack of cultural references is quite understandable because the Torah is neither a history book nor an anthropological record of ancient societies but rather it is a guide for everyday life based on human nature and the spiritual loftiness of the Jewish soul and these elements are timeless.

For a while, the price of a slave remained fairly stable but by the last quarter of the second millennium BCE., the price crept up to 30 shekels.

During the first quarter of the Assyrian Empire, a healthy slave could fetch 50-60 pieces of silver and by the middle of the first millennium, the price of a slave soared to over 100 shekels.[3] When the Torah tells us that Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver it was an accurate reflection of the price of a slave in Canaan/Egypt at that time period, about 1500 BCE according to our Biblical chronology. The Torah (Genesis ) tells us that the name of Joseph's slave-master was Potiphar.

It’s important to check ourselves often so that we are not blindly sinking ourselves and damaging our communication within our marriage. It is filled with so much wisdom, and every time I read it I am so incredibly convicted and it checks my sin instantly. Let’s look at some of what the book of proverbs says about dealing with a woman who is argumentative, nagging, complaining, and cranky. We are not inclined to seek out a gentle, meek and submissive heart.

Scripture instructs women to be meek, gentle and submissive not because these are character traits that come naturally to women, but because they are the exact opposite of the fallen woman’s tendency.

1) Never let him be right When having a discussion with […] Sex is a touchy subject for many couples.

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