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Finally, in January 2013 we added five monographs that were presented at BSTS meetings in the 1980's and 1990's.

It is truly a great pleasure to work with our good friends at the BSTS in making this complete archive of their important newsletter and other valuable materials available online. Bee's Man - and What 14th Century Shrouds Actually Looked Like... 4 - Byzantine Frescoes and the Turin Shroud - Lennox Manton - 1994 No.

Caroline Farey Three Marys Iconography (The Mystery of the Skewed Slab) - Original article by Hugh Farey A School Sindonology Project - Original article by Hugh Duncan Lotto V.- Research article (1) by Peter Leitch Image Creation Utilising the Medium of Light - Research article (2) by Philippa Foster The Lier Shroud and Lucas Cranach the Elder - Research article (3) by Pam Moon How to Make a Shroud Image with a Soldering Iron - Research article (4) by Hugh Duncan Problems with Pollen - Research article (5) by Hugh Farey Recent Publications Around the Internet Going Digital - Questions, Questions - by Hugh Farey Editorial - by Hugh Farey Future Events - Extraordinary Exposition in 2015 Future Events - Conferences in 2014 Recent Events The Shroud and the Action Man - Research article by Hugh Duncan The Machy Version of the Lirey Pilgrim's Badge - A Revised Reconstruction - Research article by Ian Wilson The Stuttgart Psalter 'Discovery' - An exaggerated claim - Research article by Ian Wilson The Mystery of the Invisible Patch - Research article by Hugh Farey Recent Publications - Fiction, Non-fiction and Films Recent Publications - Scientific Papers - Reviews by Hugh Farey Obituaries - Dr. van der Hoeven (illustrated) Geoffrey de Charny, Edward de Beaujeu and the first battle for Smyrna in 1344-5 - by Ian Wilson The Shroud Relic in Prague - by Hugh Duncan (illustrated) Wiping the Slate Clean - Two new skeptical books by A.Frederick Zugibe and Ilona Farkas - by Ian Wilson Around the Internet/Call For Articles Editorial - A Farewell - by Mark Guscin The Challenge We Face - by Reggie Norton New Owner for the Shroud Digitising the Shroud Every Past Issue Now Online Shape-shifting the truth? Mandaglio The Making of a New Shroud Documentary - by Mark Guscin The Turin Shroud as John Marks temple garment - by A. Nicolotti - an in depth review by Emanuela Marinelli Shroud Exhibition in Wells and Alrewas - by Brenda Benton with some additional notes by Juliet Faith Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Shroud in Nice 1537: how long did it stay?Jones Shroud Congress in Ohio, August 2008 by Joe Marino Obituary - Daniel Raffard de Brienne by Mark Guscin Editorial - by Mark Guscin Book Reviews - Three reviews by Joanna Emery and Mark Guscin Author John Lokens Response to BSTS Review of The Shroud Was the Resurrection Interview with Mechthild Flury-Lemberg in Oviedo - by Mark Guscin The Invisible Mending of the Shroud in Theory and Reality - by Mechthild Flury-Lemberg The Second International Conference on the Sudarium of Oviedo by Mark Guscin Editorial - by Mark Guscin Book Reviews - Five reviews by Mark Guscin and Joanna Emery News From Italy The Embroidered "Shrouds" - Symbology and Iconology of the Liturgical Veils of the Byzantine Rite - by Enrico Morini, Alma mater studiorum.Universit di Bologna (Editor's Note: The original paper had 59 footnotes and 39 illustrations that are not included in this online version).Luwu - A Long Running Investigation by Colin Berry - Original article by Hugh Farey Publications Book Review - by Hugh Farey - Le Saint Suaire de Besanon et le Chevalier Othon de la Roche by Andrea Nicolotti and Franche-Bourgogne Around the Internet Editorial - by Hugh Farey Events 2015 Exposition The Shroud's Intrinsic Value - Authentic or Not - Original article by David Rolfe Radiocarbon Date Reinterpretation - Original article by Hugh Farey The Face of the Man on the Shroud of Turin - Original article by Dr.

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