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Rita moves to Blackpool, but her absence makes many residents think Alan has killed her, and he becomes the object of widespread hatred and suspicion.

Alan soon tracks Rita down but dies after being hit and killed by a tram while chasing a distressed Rita across the tracks.

Their separation in 1991 leads to Jenny leaving on 1 March 1991.

As of 2018 Matthews as been in the role for 8 years with breaks between her first appearance in 1986.

Jenny drops out of her course after becoming bored and starts an affair with a married dentist, Robert Weston (Philip Bretherton).

When he leaves his wife, she moves in with him but the relationship did not last and in 1993, Robert went back to his wife.

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The road will not be closed for the event – it will still be open to traffic.

She is seen to develop an obsession with his son Jack (Jaxon and Maddox Beswick), which culminates in Jenny abducting him before being found in Hull, where she is arrested by police leading to a departure on 15 June 2015.

Jenny was fostered by Rita Fairclough (Barbara Knox), following the death of her mother, Pat, in a road accident.

Maddie realises that Sophie was right when she goes home and finds that Jenny has packed a bag for Jack and is wearing a brunette wig.

She guesses that Jenny is planning to run away with Jack and tries to stop her but Jenny pushes her over and vows that Maddie will not be leaving.

Jenny visited Rita and asked her for £30,000 to start a beauty salon but Rita gave her £1,000 and threw her out of her home.

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