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On the show, Williams investigated “issues affecting the lives of her fellow Millennials; a generation born into cheap on-line synthetic drugs, an obsessive reverence for ‘the body beautiful’ and a sharp rise in body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria and social anxiety Issues.” when she ruptured her knee, forcing her to exit the show early.She posted about her injury on her blog for Hello Magazine.She underwent an operation and spent four days in the hospital recovering. I wasn’t expecting that – I was going to go back to work the day after, but plans changed and I had to take the week off, recovering on the couch.I’ve never had an operation so everything hit me a bit harder – I wasn’t expecting to feel the way I felt.Their mom, Sandra, split from their father, Freddie, and remarried a man named Neil Wilson, whom Williams is close to.She refers to Wilson as a “third parent.” She holds two college degrees; one in Construction Design and Management and another in Quantitative Surveying.They shared some of their vacation pictures on Instagram. Since that time, Williams has been on several UK reality television shows including She has always had an ear for rhythm and music and has quite an impressive DJ history.

“This is me getting married for the rest of my life – and a completely different life. “Me and Brian did hanky panky on the first date and we ended up getting married.“Unfortunately for me on Wednesday I had an accident on the slopes.It was just such a pity and I’m devastated to say that I’m now out of the show.I wouldn’t be able to and I wouldn’t do it to my family either. Obviously Spencer has a reputation and people are waiting to catch him out,” she told the Daily Mail. Not only has she done fairly extensive modeling work — most recently for Virginia Macari Beachwear Couture and Lipsy London lingerie — but she has also starred in a number of reality television shows over the past five years or so.Just last week, Matthews and Williams enjoyed some down time together, vacationing in Spain. When she first started out, she appeared on in the U. The show followed her journey as she worked for Stellar Magazine and tried to make a name for herself in the entertainment business.In recent weeks, the two have been accused of faking their romance, but that’s something Williams adamantly denies.

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