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Considering she's a huge pop star, you would think that Britney Spears' love life was a piece of cake — or at least, that's what I believed.

But it turns out that the experience of dating as a celebrity isn't all that different from what ordinary people go through.

But if he's not telling the truth it's awful in a different—and frighteningly elaborate—way.The recording buzzes with the telltale sound of a cellphone held too close to a microphone or speaker.appears to have found the paparazzi shoot it came from, but doesn't say when or where it was.I haven't found it yet and don't recall "Britney's black eye" being a story before. If the eye was as dark as it is on why didn't people report it before now, whenever the pictures first surfaced?According to Entertainment Tonight, the "Toxic" singer said,"It's a little tricky.I have a friend at home, and he randomly sets me up with people every now and then on dates, and it's just awkward. Instead, she's currently relying on one of her friends to play matchmaker.I will say that there have been two dates that are kind of cool, but other than that, it's just too much."Admittedly, I always thought celebrity's agents could arrange dates for them. This certainly stirs up some sympathy for Spears, since she's not having the best luck in love.

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