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Web games are played directly through the web browser, often (but not always) with the help of a plugin.If a serious relationship is your goal, Truly Asian matches you with compatible Asian singles without wasting time. Berners-Lee published as he developed his SGML subset (HTML).For serious study of the topic Johnathan Mc Cormack sent this link to an arstechnica article on the early web browsers. If your browser string is NOT here please take a moment and click here then mail us the result (if you are using an exotic browser send us the URL of where to get it).One of our smart readers responded with a link to Opera's site which says - roughly - that Opera Mobile is a real browser that can directly access the web - just like regular Opera and is designed for smartphones whereas Opera Mini is a cut-down browser that needs an Opera server and is typically used on feature phones. As always thanks to everyone who took the time to supply a string - even if we didn't use it.

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Nominally RFC 1945 and RFC 2068 define them (get RFCs) but only as an afterthought (the RFCs define HTTP 1.0 and 1.1).

We had studiously avoided doing anything because it smelled, vaguely, of work.

Then we got an email from Marc Gray who suggested that we use a simple regular expression and was even kind enough to supply it.

Netscape is dead - long live Netscape (with appropriate shudders at the memory of NS 4.x).

Note: The title is our normal (and puerile) attempt at humor.

Marc provided a php script, which we enclose below (with a minor correction supplied by Dave Thomas) for those to whom it may be a more sensible solution (a formatted list based on this script is available here, credits and their script at the foot of the page).

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