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The bright blood in a bruise does not stay red for long.

This stage of having a bright red mark may be so brief that it may be gone before you even notice it. This darkening of the bruise takes place as the blood under the skin looses it’s oxygen.

The Moment of Injury When you first injure or bump yourself, fresh red blood flows out under the skin.

This blood is bright red because it is full of both iron and oxygen.

There is no oxygen left in the blood and the red blood cells have also started to die and break down.The blood product will be processed and dispersed as you move your muscles and the lymphatic system drains away the blood.Bilirubin can also be absorbed into the body and sweated or urinated out.Bruising is the earliest and most visible sign of child abuse.Early identification of bruises resulting from child abuse can allow for intervention and prevent further abuse.These changes all take place as the bruise grows and gets to ‘capacity’. Greenish Edge bruise This is the first stage and first indication that the bruise is starting to heal.

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