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The following interpretation adequately describes the now famous conversation between Herodotus and Manetho.

- 'In the course of his questioning he (Herodotus) encountered one Manetho, an Egyptian High Priest, scholar and Historian, with whom he conversed at length thru the agency of an interpreter.

Given that the jars were found intact, Mortensen has also argued that they were from a burial rather than a settlement site.

If these dates are confirmed in future sample-testing, Egyptologists will be forced to consider the re-appraisal for the dates ascribed to 'Proto-dynastic', 'Pre-dynastic' and Early Dynasty cultures (As suggested by Manetho, Petrie, Lockyer and others). Koch Pyramids Radiocarbon Project" took organic material from several places in the core of the Great Pyramid as well as other 4th Dynasty pyramids and locations so as to try and date their radiocarbon.

This yielded results averaging 374 years earlier than the date accepted by egyptologists but much more recent than 10,000 years ago.

The level of skills demonstrated there were so high that for a long time it was believed that the pyramids were 'divine creations' made literally by god.

The debate today centres around the family of the Fourth dynasty Pharaohs in particular who, whilst no longer being doubted as having a strong association with the complex, present themselves to us so suddenly and uniquely as to cause us to search deep within ourselves to explain the origin, nature and purpose of these people.

If they were separate kings, While there is little debate at present over who built the pyramids, there is a visible change in the design and quality between the the first dynasty and the fourth (Such as Flat sided pyramids, Cardinal orientation, Polar passages, Lack of adornment and funerary remains).

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