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The knowledgeable and caring professionals at our center in South Florida understand successful addiction treatment requires personalized treatment programs that are tailored for the individual. We have concerns about the raves she always wants to attend with her friends.

Call our 24/7 hotline to learn more about how we help them overcome their struggles through family counseling, group therapy, and individual therapy. She says she likes to go for the music and the dancing.

Drug paraphernalia includes pacifiers, inhalers, and surgical masks.

The following are other indicators of possible drug abuse: Many teens and young adults are addicted to multiple drugs and involved in that serves to increase their drug use and tighten the grip of addiction.

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My father played it several times when I was a kid in the 80s. Plus, even if the height is only 4-5 inches different, but the dress size is the same, if the eating and exercise habits are night and day--so too are the outcomes of their physical appearance. The best I can come up with comes across as fake/trying to hard. He made it funny, he probably could have been funny without it. But I respect you for standing up for her if you didn't know that she was offensive. I bet you look perfect when you dare to insult a woman because of her look.Some failing or natural consequences for their mistakes is critical for growth but some mistakes can alter their lives and really jeapardize their future.It's hard to know where the line is sometimes.but I do need info and feedback from parents on raves. She does not understand why we are reacting that way. She complains when we ask her to come home before am on Sunday ...My daughter seems to be so attracted by them, and wishes to attend one session. Other parents we have talked to say they prefer their kids not to lie, so their teenagers tell them they are going to the rave. Those parents seem to have lost control over their children. We are wondering what percentage of Juniors attend raves on a regular basis? She does not attend raves, she doesn't appear to have a strong interest in that.Do public authorities know of this kind of parties and allow them? I do agree that many parents have seemed to have lost control with their teens (we could certainly be counted amongst them often).

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