Cherry blossom for dating


Shofuso hosts 30,000 visitors each year from more than 20 different countries.Explore the sacred side of Japan with Adventure Women on this active women's vacation during the Cherry Blossom season in March 2018!As you hike from village to village, you’ll stay in traditional Japanese inns called ryokans, which feature communal baths using water from local hot springs.You will hike in and around Hongu, Japan one of the sacred shrines of pilgrimage on the Kumano Kodo.These traditional Japanese values are represented by the melding of history and culture at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden, a traditional-style Japanese house and garden that reflects the history of Japanese culture in Philadelphia, from the 1876 Centennial Exposition to the installation of its contemporary paintings in 2007.Shofuso was built in Japan in 1953 using traditional techniques and materials and exhibited in the courtyard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.Few buildings or structures are taller than the pagoda of Toji Temple at 187 feet.

The Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, a private nonprofit organization, has merged with the Friends of the Japanese House and Garden, which administered, operated, funded, and preserved the city-owned site since 1982.It is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the 10th to the 19th century, and each is representative of the period in which it was built.You’ll notice that even though Kyoto is one of Japan’s largest cities, it doesn’t have tall skyscrapers as you might expect.It was moved to Philadelphia in 1958, to the site of several previous Japanese structures and gardens dating to the 1876 Centennial Exposition.The grounds on which the Japanese House now stands have contained a Japanese structure and landscaping almost continuously since 1876, when the Japanese Bazaar and Dwelling were in the area.Enjoy a special private experience with a maiko, an apprentice geisha, or geiko, as they are known in Kyoto.

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