Christian dating versus courting

The New Order Amish could be described as The New Order Amish originate from a pair of movements in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the 1960s.

The key driving factors in the Ohio schism were twofold–one was a belief that controversial practices such as tobacco and alcohol use should be eliminated, and that “clean” courtship should be implemented for youth (as opposed to the practice of found among some Amish).

Old Order Amish use this “off” day as a chance to visit relatives or other churches, as well as time for Bible reading and devotions in the home.

However they have generally not seen the need to devote a formal period to Bible study in the form of Sunday School.

Though numerous Old Order Amish are against involvement with tobacco, some Old Order Amish do grow and even use tobacco.

New Order Amish universally see this as morally wrong and have come out strongly against it.

(the alternating Sunday when a given district does not hold church service).

Similarly to an Amish church service, this will take place in a congregant family’s home, and will involve some singing as well as reading, with each member taking turns reading a few passages.

Amish in this group felt strongly about assurance of salvation, Sunday School, and church outreach.

Unlike the Old Order, New Order Amish generally do not have any restrictions on air travel, and sometimes use this form of transportation for business or vacation travel.

One theological difference is the belief in assurance of salvation.

Currently, the largest New Order community is found in the Holmes County settlement, consisting of 18 church districts, while the Lancaster County settlement contains just one or two districts.

There is also a spin-off group found in Holmes County known as the New Order Christian Fellowship, or New New Order.

New Order Amish believe strongly in clean courtship, and as detailed above, this was part of the impetus for the Ohio group to break from the Old Order churches.

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