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Other local references include mention of a person "swallowing a yo-yo" in nearby Griffith, the Old Man being one of the fiercest "furnace fighters in northern Indiana" and that his obscenities were "hanging in space over Lake Michigan," a mention of the Indianapolis 500, and the line to Santa Claus "stretching all the way to Terre Haute, Indiana." The Old Man is also revealed to be a fan of the Bears (whom he jokingly calls the "Chicago Chipmunks") and White Sox, consistent with living in northwest Indiana.Director Bob Clark reportedly sent scouts to twenty cities before selecting Cleveland for exterior filming.Ralphie wanted only one thing for that Christmas: a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.

Three of the semi-autobiographical short stories on which the film is based were originally published in Playboy magazine between 19.However, the BB ricochets back at Ralphie and knocks his glasses off.While searching for them, thinking he has indeed shot his eye out, Ralphie accidentally steps on his glasses and breaks them.Additional source material for the film, according to Clark, came from unpublished anecdotes that Shepherd told live audiences "on the college circuit." Local references in the film include Warren G.Harding Elementary School and Cleveland Street (where Shepherd spent his childhood).In 2017, he said he was surprised at the impact his role had had over the years.

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