Chrome no longer updating


For those of you who don't want to watch it, let me summarize it...Chrome OS is the Google Chrome browser, nothing else special about it.

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But this worked for me so I share it with you, go to: chrome://settings/content and check the recommended option for cookies(something with "allow to save locally", I don't remember what it exactly was) and click OK. Here are the steps to take to create a new profile and get your password saving working again:

hl=en Following these steps also caused my previously saved passwords to come back! It appeared that email and password input of sign in form had no name attributes.

When I added them and refresh page chrome showed me "save password" popup at the same moment "Open Internet Explorer or Firefox and go to your site.

However what if you use a website that is'nt ready for the latest version, what if the new version of the browser has issues?

Now start applying this logic to an entire operating system, and it's applications.

Applications are nothing more than web pages, and as we all know web apps have their own unique limitations. For the same reason Google is bashing microsoft on software updates, the same thing can be said about Google's fully automatic updating.

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