Classifying consolidating software component selection methods

If you have more than one email address, you should use the one that is most closely associated with your job function.

For example, if you are using SAM as a representative of your work-place, you should use the employer-provided email address from that entity if possible.

There are several persistent areas in that can be found in the same location on every page of the system.

On most pages in SAM, you will find a Navigation Panel on the left side of the page.

You cannot automatically log into SAM with the username and password you had in a legacy system. While you can provide additional information, you are only required to enter: Username: This unique identifier will be permanently associated with your SAM account. SAM account usernames may never be reused, so once an account with a username is created, no other account may ever use that username, even if the account with that username is deactivated.

The username must be between six and thirty-five characters.

A given email address may only be associated with one username at a time.

Please refer to your internal processes to determine if this applies to you.

Password: Your password proves that you are who you say you are.

Automation of the federal procurement and awards processes has evolved over time through development of systems to perform individual steps in the process.

Paper-based systems and business processes were automated as the internet became widely available.

Your user account password should never be shared with anyone else.

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