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If there were a formula for lasting love, what percentage of human compatibility can we credit to our behavior and what percentage is simple biology?

Surprisingly, research shows that attraction and compatibility can be predicted early on by interpreting some remarkable biological clues.

Hot or not, research shows that your body knows what you’re attracted to better than you do!

If you’re looking for love, you can put on a red shirt, eat some garlic, and hope for the best.

Scientists think it’s associated with physical signs of sexual excitement like redness in the erogenous areas and facial blushing.

If you’ve ever wondered why women swoon over men with low-pitched voices, it’s because we tend to associate men with deep baritones with larger bodies.

In contrast, results of a study from University College London showed that male listeners preferred higher-pitched, breathier female voices, which they associated with a smaller body size.

Studies also show that the color can produce physical responses like increased heart rate and heightened sense of smell.

For women, the color red enhances a man’s attractiveness.

Illustration by Kristin Vogel Many of us think we know which traits we want our ideal partner to have.

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