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I also started having what I eventually realized was a crush on a girl at school.

Being bisexual can be an odd experience, because it can be very easy to brush aside your own identity for a long time before realizing that you're capable of being in love with more than one gender."— Mimi, 17 "I had always felt a bit different, especially when I went out with guys. I knew my sophomore year of college when I went to a Friendsgiving and saw a female friend of mine dancing. I identify as gay now." — Haley, 22"There were a lot of signs in my childhood that I ignored, but the first time I was self-aware of my sexual identity was when I watched a video from the musical .

It was not until I was around 11 or 12 when I sat downstairs watching, rewinding, and re-watching the scene in where you got to see Kate Winslet's boob that I realized it was more than just a little girl wanting to have a womanly figure.I wanted to kiss her, and I had no doubt in my mind that I liked girls.I'm bisexual, but honestly, I lean more toward girls." — Meg, 16"I was 18 and a sophomore in college.I still wasn't sure about my sexuality, though, until my freshman year of high school when I met a girl at a concert and we immediately clicked.Hours into the festival, after spending all day together, we started holding hands, putting our arms around each other, leaning on each other's shoulders.I was bisexual." — Gigi, 22"I'm bisexual and gender fluid.

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