Confused lesbian dating a man

I wanted to kiss her, and I had no doubt in my mind that I liked girls.

I'm bisexual, but honestly, I lean more toward girls." — Meg, 16"I was 18 and a sophomore in college.

I was unable to talk to her normally and was so shy around her and I didn't know why.

I had my first crush on a girl at summer camp in second grade, but I didn't realize I was gender fluid until I was much older.That's the clearest earliest moment that I can think of, but falling for my friend in eighth grade was what made me realize this whole other side to me." — Josefina, 18"My 'Oh, sh*t, I'm gay' moment happened when I was 16 and watching an movie marathon.The third film had always been my favorite, and I never consciously understood why.There was a girl in my English class who I couldn't stop thinking about.I thought, 'Maybe I just really want to be her friend? I knew that I was starting to get feelings for her.It took until I was a month shy of 20 to come out to my first friend." — Kate, 21 "I always knew as a child that I was queer, but lacked the understanding and vocabulary to properly categorize myself.

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