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The application will also have a section dedicated to listing each specific debt to be paid off with your loan.

List the creditor, the amount owed, the monthly payment and indicate that you want it included in the loan.

Of course, if you had that money to put down, you'd be better off satisfying the debt in the first place, unless you are getting the down payment as a gift from a relative, which is the only source of down payment lenders allow beside your own money.

When you are ready to close on the loan you will need to contact your creditors in addition to coordinating the parties for the purchase. This is the amount needed to satisfy your debt entirely on the date of closing.

Further, my total monthly payment would be only 91, compared to 51 if I didn’t consolidate and took a 0,000 loan. " Consolidation looks attractive in this case because the rate on the mortgage is well below the rate on the credit card debt, and mortgage interest is tax deductible as well.

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For example, if a bank lends up to 95 percent of the value of a property, you must put ,000 on a 0,000 loan.

Getting a mortgage while carrying significant other debt can put a serious strain on your finances. By consolidating your debt into your mortgage, you can move forward with the purchase while giving yourself the relief of spreading your other debt over 30 years.

Just know that you still must come up with a down payment and understand that your debt potentially will be with you for much longer.

Indicate you want to include debt in your new home loan at the time of application.

When you fill out the form, note the amount you wish to borrow.

Spreading out debt over a term of 20 to 30 years can reduce your payments significantly.

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