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When compiler errors appear, the SWF file will fail to export until the errors are removed.

Runtime errors are generated by Action Script objects when issues arise after compile time, during playback.

To help you visualize the process, I have provided a series of sample files, each of which contains a broken version and a fixed version.

The topics and workflow suggestions in this article are organized for both designers and developers.

Your goal along the way will be to identify and interpret issues, to get comfortable with the process of working with errors, and to define a workflow for resolving errors when they occur.

By default you're working with an Action Script 3 FLA file when you create a new file in Flash Professional.

The look of the elements in the file and the general experience is the same as it is with an Action Script 2 FLA file, but the Flash Professional workspace updates to show Action Script 3 features when an Action Script 3 FLA is in focus.

The fixed versions are supplied for reference, but you'll be able to walk through the solutions during the course of the article.

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