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My expectation is that I will see compiler errors and my own trace action output consistently as I develop, so I make sure that I put the panels where I can see them without being distracted.

Once you see error feedback in one of these forms, you'll want to make sure to pause and read the related error text.

The Action Script 3 architecture runs on a new engine (Action Script Virtual Machine 2) which removes many of the legacy issues that have accumulated in previous versions of Adobe Flash.

The update is dramatic enough that it requires a new file format that can be viewed in Flash Player 9 and later.

An important part of bug reporting and debugging is being able to define the problem and the steps leading up to it accurately.

Compiler errors are often easier to deal with than runtime errors as they can be seen clearly during publishing with line numbers pointing to the source of the issue.

This article is geared toward both designers and programmers working in Flash Professional CS5 and later.

The article assumes that you have a basic understanding of the Flash Professional user interface.

Debugging is the process of removing known issues from your application or testing for unknown errors and performance problems.Compiler errors occur while the Action Script code is being compiled into the SWF file.This happens when you run the Test Movie or the Publish command (see Figure 1).Errors come in three flavors: compiler errors, runtime errors (Action Script exceptions or error events), and warnings: Compiler errors are generated when the file is published and the Action Script is compiled into a SWF file.Compiler errors enforce rules that allow the Action Script code to run in an optimal and expected way.You'll work in Flash Professional CS5 and take a look at the new integration with Adobe Flash Builder 4 as well.

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