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You can also check out the Cyprus Meet-up Forum in order to network with other expats in Cyprus.There are a variety of dance classes offered in Nicosia, ranging from Latin dance to pole dancing, with everything including ballet, hip hop, belly dancing, and Greek and Cypriot traditional dances in between.That’s not the only museum worth visiting here, by any means – the Cyprus Wine Museum is perfect for any wine lover.Within the Turkish Quarter, the Grand Mosque is a real highlight too.Both as icons on the landscape and treasures in museums, there’s a lot to learn about this European country through its artefacts.There’s also virtually every water sport you could think of here, as well as skiing further inland during the winter.Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot cultures have been bound together for years here, resulting in a tumultuous yet fascinating history.Roman sites and huge archaeological discoveries enfold the island, along with important relics from numerous historical ages.

Classes are not only a great way of learning new skills or improving existing ones, they are also great ways to meet other locals and expats in Cyprus and form new friendships.The Cyprus Institute of Marketing also offers executive training.“Great tits are of real benefit to city gardens and parks, as they collect hundreds of caterpillars each day to feed their growing chicks,” says the Kuşkor website.We will ensure that your stay with us will be truly memorable.Life's a beach when you are given full access from the hotel to the Mediterranean seafront.Cyprus cruises are perfect for exploring the gorgeous city of Kyrenia, just a few minutes’ drive from the port.

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