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Both as icons on the landscape and treasures in museums, there’s a lot to learn about this European country through its artefacts.

There’s also virtually every water sport you could think of here, as well as skiing further inland during the winter.

That’s not the only museum worth visiting here, by any means – the Cyprus Wine Museum is perfect for any wine lover.

Within the Turkish Quarter, the Grand Mosque is a real highlight too.

For those who enjoy less high-octane pleasures, there are plenty of vineyards for wine-tasting and lush forest landscapes to take in.

Disembark your Cyprus cruise and you’ll want to dive straight into the spectacular array of Cypriot food on offer.

If you don't, you can always create your own meet up event and connect with others in that way.

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This luxury five star hotel is situated on the most beautiful sandy beach in Cyprus with breathtaking views of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

“In 2016, the Department of Forestry established a great tit nest box project and have erected thousands of nest boxes for biologic control of pine processionary moth; great tits are thought to eat their caterpillars.

With their support Kuşkor are placing nest boxes in parks, schools, gardens as well as forested areas.” Each spring you can see inside an active great tit nest box through a webcam.

To sample classes that dabble in other cuisines, including French gastronomy and Spanish tapas, check out You Go Do's list of cooking classes in Nicosia.

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