Daesung and tiffany are dating


But what brings them together is not just sending funny memes, sharing the lat Bigbang Daesung naver date any girl because he don't have any confidence especially about his face.

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Oh Seung Hwan was in Korea during November and December 2014, and the two reportedly met up often during the two months. The ever sporty Black Pearl getting together with a sportsman.

Although the idols were trying very hard to not be seen or draw attention to themselves, witnesses noticed their affection for each other.

After which, their respective agencies confirmed that they were a couple.

I decided to create a songfic collection featuring my favorite soshibang couples! Will they have the chance to confess to each other? yongbae loves taeyeon but taeyeon loves someone else.....

they are bestfriends yet they couldn't be any more different...

Snsd Tiffany become glommy after her break up news. But what will happen when he have fallen in love with her. What will happen when his hyung like the same girl. Daesung and Tiffany everyone knows them as the hate couple from family outting.

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