Daesung and tiffany are dating updating ipod touch software for


I decided to create a songfic collection featuring my favorite soshibang couples! Will they have the chance to confess to each other? yongbae loves taeyeon but taeyeon loves someone else..... they are bestfriends yet they couldn't be any more different... :) Disclaimer: These messages, posts, etc are all a part of Daesung had his car accident back in year 2011, which had a victim. they become the idol hate couple but you know what they say boys normally pick on the girl they like..... daesung moves to america for 3 years after he decides to prove to tiffany that he is not "ugly" when he returns he tries to show her the new and improved him. Ever since that accident, Daesung has completely change into another person. Each Big Bang members are worried about him, so they always give him the comfort he needs. Tiffany, who heard this car accident when she was half asleep, imme Have you ever heard a song and have a whole story line go through your head? When I hear a song that I like, I think of how that person the singer is talking about felt and what must have happened to them. they seem to have feelings for each other but tiffany already has a boyfriend siwon. i like rare couples lol daesung loves sunny but sunny loves someone else...... But what brings them together is not just sending funny memes, sharing the lat Bigbang Daesung naver date any girl because he don't have any confidence especially about his face. Many people said that he got to be a singer because his singing ability but not about his look.

Also, at the same ceremony, G-Dragon was seen copying Taeyeon’s adorable reaction to a stage performance: ( Of course, this is not the first time that the two veteran idols are embroiled in a dating rumour.things seem to go from bad to worse for him just as things were looking up. will these to end up in the end or will it be a Wedding dress part two. We still have a lot of cute couples in mind but this post is getting way too long. Sorry guys but one more member of the popular K-pop group Girls’ Generation is attached!Snsd Tiffany become glommy after her break up news. But what will happen when he have fallen in love with her. What will happen when his hyung like the same girl. Daesung and Tiffany everyone knows them as the hate couple from family outting.

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