Dating a commercial airline pilot

For long-haul flights, extra crew members—the number depends on how long the flight is––are rotated in, allowing the crew adequate time to rest in onboard sleeping quarters. But as in any other profession, compensation varies.

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According to the pilots we spoke with, it's really nothing to worry about.

We're also going to find out shortly whether this round of Clomid worked.

I'm not sure really - I just hope that, eventually, all the side effects are worth it!

To find out what really goes on behind the cockpit door, we asked the only people who'd know: pilots.

Read on to find out what regional and major airline aviators had to say about working up in the air. Turbulence is annoying, but it's not a safety issue.

It's very easy to get away with it if you want to - I know several women whose partners have strayed - but that doesn't mean that you will.

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